Save Dat Money!!!

Save Your $$$$

First thing you need to do is figure out how to save money.  If you make money, spend money and then have nothing you’re not going to get ahead.  Sure, if you can make more and more money, but then you’ll always be put in a similar situation of which you need to start saving money.  I try my best to start with lean and mean business expenses.

Business expenses… I know that strikes fear into the heart of many moms around the world.

Don’t worry!!!  We aren’t starting a business.  I just honestly couldn’t find better wording then “business expenses”.

So, figure out how you can save ASAP.

Start now.  Lets say that your husband budgets you $500 a month which barely affords you everything you need for your kids.  Take $50 away and put in your shoebox at the start of the month.  Just do it.  Don’t think about it.  Just do it!!!  It’s called the small plate syndrome.  Before long you won’t even notice it.  Trust me – you’ll make it work.  We’re women, we always make things work.  Moms can just kind of hang with that.  I’d love to see my husband try to eat off a small plate.  That would be something else!

OK so $50 in a shoebox every month.

Got it.  Simple right…

Remember Save Dat Money!!

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